The experienced team at Bear Valley Animal Hospital is ready to care for you and your furry family member.

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  • Mayra #1


    Office Manager

    Mayra is dedicated to ensuring that each visit to Bear Valley Animal Hospital is pleasant and beyond expectations. She has been working with Dr. Velasco since 2001, and she has one beloved dog named Chanel.

  • Virgil #1


    Animal Health Manager

    A graduate of Doctor of Veterinary Medicine at the University of the Philippines at Los Banos, Virgil has been involved in the veterinary field for over 20 years. He has worked in different aspects of the profession from poultry management to swine production. He got involved with small animal practice when he became the veterinarian of Pedigree Pet Food in the Philippines.

    Upon moving to Apple Valley, CA in 2010, he has enhanced his clinical skills and personnel management through the vast experience he has gained at Bear Valley Animal Hospital (BVAH). On top of his clinical exposure in BVAH, Virgil has gained further knowledge in veterinary medicine through several symposia and seminars on surgery, dentistry, pharmacology, and nutrition.

    Virgil enjoys traveling, spectator sport, and watching movies with his family. He also likes spending relaxing moments with his pet tortoise, Maximus.

  • Julie #1


    Veterinary Assistant | Pharmacy

    Julie has been an animal lover all her life. While growing up in Nevada, she has cared for several pets and once rescued a lost English Bulldog and found it a new home. Now Julie is one of the most experienced team member at Bear Valley Animal Hospital. She started working at BVAH in 2006 and she has been providing her expert assistance to veterinarians and clients ever since.

    Her calm and patient demeanor has made her very effective in explaining the recommendations of veterinarians to different pet owners. Her being bilingual has been invaluable in communicating with the Spanish speaking clients of BVAH.

    Being a mother of 2 girls, Julie is a master of time management as she is able to balance her family time with caring for her Shih Tzu, Chubbs.

  • Jill #1


    Veterinary Assistant

    Jill has been working at BVAH since 2004. Throughout her life, she has had an abundance of pets. Among them were many cats, rodents, and dogs. She had always wanted to grow up to work with animals and was glad to have the opportunity to follow her passion to care for four-legged furry friends.

  • Tiffany #1


    Job Title

    Tiffany has always wanted to work with animals, having had pets all her life. Currently she cares for 6 dogs, rodents, and reptiles. She joined BVAH in April 2020. After graduating from Platt College in 2017, Tiffany went on to spend 3 years as a zookeeper. There she was able to learn about animal behavior and training, as well as care of exotic animals and hoofstock. She assisted in outreach and educational programs and ran public and school tours.

    Tiffany has also worked in areas of animal rescue, animal production preparation, management, retail and customer services. Outside of work Tiffany enjoys family life with her husband and 2 kids. Together they love discovering new places and hiking. Tiffany also enjoys arts and crafts, and watching movies.

  • Maggie #1


    Front Desk | Veterinary Assistant

    Maggie has been working at Bear Valley Animal Hospital since May 2017, during which, she has learned various different operational processes of the hospital. Initially hired on as a receptionist, she caught on quickly to the work flow and needs of our clients. She attributes her knowledge of the medical field to an easy transition into the world of veterinary medicine. Due to her excellent teamwork and willingness to learn, she was introduced to a different position of the hospital and became a vet assistant, where she helps create estimates, run lab work, and prepare medications. You can often find her helping out where ever she is needed.

    In her free time, she enjoys spending time with her family, watching Grey's Anatomy, and practicing hand lettering.

  • Radar #1


    Hospital Pet

    Loud and spunky, Radar is our oddball. He likes leaping into our work space for attention one moment to skittering off and hiding the next. He has mastered the technique of blocking the view of the computer, making it practically impossible to work without having to pet him.

  • Elizabeth Margis #1


    Registered Veterinary Technician

    Bio Coming Soon.